Our Farm – Everything we do begins with our plants. Our farms are designed to give our plants the healthiest life in order to produce the best products.

To do so, we plant in native river bottom soil alongside the beautiful Rogue River in Southern Oregon. Through maintaining a living soil model with limited organic inputs, our land is able to provide each plant with exactly what it needs to display its unique characteristics at its full genetic potential. At harvest, each cultivar’s unique aromatic expression is captured and can be exhibited in any of our dry flower products or extracts.

Our farms are Clean Green Certified.


Live Resin – We harvest our organically grown cannabis and immediately freeze it, locking in all the aromas and flavors. We extract our Live Resin directly from the fresh-frozen flower giving you all the original flavor and effects only found in fresh cannabis.


Our most premium line of Live Resin cartridges is our High Terpene Extract, which is comprised of terpenes, esters, and other aromatic compounds in a much higher ratio to THC than is found in all of our other products. This is the closest you will get to tasting cannabis at its most ripe (or, right before it’s picked). We like to think of HTE as the pure essence of a cannabis strain, and developed this cartridge explicitly for the flavor-forward consumer.


Our Live Resin Extract (LRE) was developed to allow users to enjoy the flavor and substance of a fresh frozen extraction with the added benefits of increased potency. Each LRE cart contains primarily High Terpene Extract with a small percentage of in-house distilled THC to enhance the stability of the oil and give users an extra boost of THC.


Extracted in-house from locally sourced fresh frozen cannabis bred for both CBD and THC content, we are able retain the integrity and authenticity of the plant’s inherent CBD and aromatic properties, delivering a full spectrum experience with every draw without the use of CBD isolate.


Our Distilled Cannabis + Live Resin cartridges (“DLR”) were developed to allow users to enjoy the flavor of a fresh frozen extraction at an affordable price. They are perfect for those who want the best of both worlds: true-to-strain flavor and high THC potency.