Welcome to Higher Cultures, where we’re dedicated to spreading cannabis culture throughout the Southwest. Nestled in the picturesque foothills of Las Cruces, New Mexico, our award-winning extraction and concentrate processes have established us as industry leaders.

Our cutting-edge facility isn’t just a production center—it’s a hub of innovation and commitment. With a team of multi-generational New Mexico natives, each member brings a blend of passion and expertise to crafting our products. From extraction to packaging, we prioritize precision and care to deliver the finest cannabis experiences to our customers.

As advocates for responsible cannabis use, transparency and education are central to our ethos. We proudly display terpene profiles on every box, empowering our budtenders and consumers to make informed choices. Renowned for their true-to-the-plant flavors, our live resin cartridges and waxes offer a sensory journey unmatched in the market.

Our 100% Pure Live Resin cartridges prioritize flavor above all else, capturing the essence of ripe plants during harvest. Consider Live Resin the purest expression of a cannabis strain, crafted for the vape connoisseur seeking a top-notch flavor experience.

Meticulously crafted, our Cured Resin cartridges contain premium extract sourced from the finest gardens in New Mexico. With cutting-edge extraction methods, we ensure the preservation of natural terpenes and aromatic compouds, delivering an authentic and robust flavor profile in every puff.

Introducing our high-potency botanical Flavored Distillate cartridges, the ultimate choice for cannabis enthusiasts. Infused with the finest cannabis inputs, our carts offer a potent and flavorful experience that will delight your senses. Choose from an array of flavors, including mouth-watering Strawnana, and the nostalgic sweetness of Rocket Pop. Each cartridge is hand-crafted, ensuring a smooth and consistent vaping experience every time. Treat your taste buds to the enticing variety of flavors now available from Higher Cultures.

At Higher Cultures, extracts are more than just a product—they’re a promise. They represent our unwavering commitment to our customers, employees, and the state of New Mexico. From the very beginning, extracts have held a special place in our hearts, driving us to perfect the processes involved in crafting the highest quality dabs on the market. Safety and quality are paramount; we refuse to compromise. Our dedication stems not from monetary gain, but from a relentless pursuit of excellence—because at Higher Cultures, we don’t settle for second best.