Our Farm – Everything we do begins with our plants. Our farms are designed to give our plants the healthiest life in order to produce the best products.

To do so, we plant in native river bottom soil alongside the beautiful Rogue River in Southern Oregon. Through maintaining a living soil model with limited organic inputs, our land is able to provide each plant with exactly what it needs to display its unique characteristics at its full genetic potential. At harvest, each cultivar’s unique aromatic expression is captured and can be exhibited in any of our dry flower products or extracts.

Our farms are Clean Green Certified.


Live Resin – We harvest our organically grown cannabis and immediately freeze it, locking in all the aromas and flavors. We extract our Live Resin directly from the fresh-frozen flower giving you all the original flavor and effects only found in fresh cannabis.


A single, faceted THCA crystal, drenched in High Terpene Extract, giving off a luminous appearance and offering astounding clarity. Higher Cultures is the first and only extraction company in the world to consistently produce and sell a full gram crystal in any legal Cannabis market to-date.


Canary Diamonds are one of the most potent live resin extracts found on the cannabis market. Through curated crystallization we are able to grow clear, faceted THCa crystals and leave them coated in a layer of High Terpene Extract, giving them a distinct yellow glow with bold live resin flavor to match.


Sauce is crafted by separating THCa crystals from terpenes, flavonoids, and other cannabinoids, also known as High Terpene Extract (HTE). The crystals are then recombined with the HTE in a mouth-watering 50:50 ratio that results in a highly potent, extremely flavorful full spectrum experience perfect for connoisseurs and flavor-hunters alike.


Live Resin Sugar is produced similarly to our Canary Diamonds, but instead coercing the extract to form into granular-sized THCa crystals soaked in aromatic/flavor compounds, such as terpenes. Our sugar is processed in this manner to maintain an easy-to-dab consistency high in THCa but packed with all the flavors and aromas naturally present in the strain.


Live Resin Batter is created using freshly extracted live resin blended with cannabinoids and terpenes to form a consistency resembling that of cake batter. Highly flavorful and super easy to use, Live Resin Batter is a great option for both seasoned dabbers and those new to Live Resin.


Budder is processed in the same manner as our Live Resin Batter, the only difference being the extract is crafted using cured cannabis instead of fresh frozen buds. Cured extractions typically produce a high that is more analogous to smoking flower and are a great option for the daily dabber on a budget.