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First Place Indica Concentrates – Marionberry Kush
Second Place Hybrid Concentrates – Zamoaz
Third Place Sativa Concentrates – In the Pines


Higher Cultures represents the cultivation of expertise and passion for creating extracts with sun grown and eco-consciously farmed cannabis in the beautiful state of Oregon. We are dedicated to ensuring the highest possible quality for our products with a focus on terpene retention over potency.

Our extracts are a promise to our customers, our employees, and to the great State of Oregon. Safety and quality are never on the table for compromise. Utilizing best practices and laboratory standards isn’t about maximizing profits – it’s about delivering a final product that is skillfully refined with unmatched quality, every time, without exception.

Our commitment to creating the highest quality extract products on the market is what drives our creativity, and we stand behind our work with the firm belief that we are at our best when the community is healthy. That’s why we never cut corners, ever.

Home of the Single Crystal gram, Higher Cultures represents the pinnacle of extraction in Oregon. Join the #HighCult and elevate your experience.


Higher Cultures Canary Diamonds


Canary Diamonds are one of the most potent live resin extracts found on the cannabis market. We create our diamonds by utilizing the process of crystallization to grow clear, faceted THCa crystals, and leave them coated in a layer of terpenes from the same strain, giving them a distinct yellow glow. Every Canary Diamond is hand selected to ensure the highest possible quality for our customers.

Potency: 75-90%. THC, Terpene Content: 1-2%

HTE Vape Carts

Pax & 510

Higher Cultures offers High Terpene Extract (HTE) as our premium line of 510 vaporizer cartridges. High Terpene Extract is comprised of terpenes, flavonoids, and cannabinoids. We like to think of HTE as the “essence” of a cannabis strain, due to its concentration and purity of aromatic and flavor compounds. HTE smokes for itself – you will find the flavor, high, and convenience incomparable.

Potency: 50-70%. THC, Terpene Content: 5-10%



Live Resin Sauce is crafted in our lab in Grants Pass by separating THCa crystals from terpenes, flavonoids, and other cannabinoids present in a live resin extract. The crystals are then recombined with the terpene-rich separation in a mouth-watering ratio that results in a highly potent, highly flavorful, full spectrum experience.

Potency: 65-85% THC, Terpene Content: 5-10%


Live Resin Sugar is produced not by separating the THCa present in the extraction, but rather letting it form into granular sized crystals soaked in terpenes, flavonoids, and other cannabinoids. Our sugar is processed in this manner to maintain an easy-to-use consistency, packed with the flavors and aromas naturally present in the strain.

Potency: 65-85% THC, Terpene Content: 2-5%



Live Resin Batter is created using freshly extracted live resin that has been subsequently texturized by physically blending the cannabinoids (primarily THCa) and terpenes to form a user-friendly consistency resembling that of cake batter. Affordable and easy to dab, with an appearance that looks good enough to eat, we guarantee Live Resin Batter will be your new favorite treat!

Potency: 65-85%. THC, Terpene Content: 2-5%

LRE Vape Carts

Pax & 510

Our Live Resin Extract (LRE) formulation was developed to allow users to enjoy the flavor and substance of a fresh frozen extraction with the added benefit of affordability. LRE Carts offer consumers the essence of a strain captured during a fresh frozen extraction (i.e. High Terpene Extract) with augmented potency by infusing strain specific THC distillate created in-house in our state-of-the-art Grants Pass facility. This combination provides a well-rounded, single strain, full spectrum experience at a competitive price point.

Potency: 65-85%. THC, Terpene Content: 3-8%


Latest News

October 2019

Higher Cultures announced High Times Cannabis Cup Oregon winners, receiving the first place indica concentrates award with Marionberry Kush; second place hybrid concentrates award with Zamoaz; and third place award with In the Pines.

Higher Cultures High Times Cannabis Cup Oregon Winners

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